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 Havok - Apathy Esplanade (ep, 2008)

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PostSubject: Havok - Apathy Esplanade (ep, 2008)   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:55 am

I have followed Havok from the start, and that is with the 2006 demo 'Realms of Reverie', which a friend gave me. Now their first EP drops into my mailbox and I can't wait to put it in!

The first track, 'As the Clouds Gain Momentum', is just a two minutes long intro, it feels like, but when the CD really starts going with the second track, 'A Pyrrhic Victory for Humanity' I immediately feel the music coming at me like a fist in the face... And I love it! The riffs are really complex and everyone does what he is suppose to do - Play his intrument, and he does it great!

The fourth track (Monologue with the Sky), however, I could have been without and this is because of the same reason as the first track, but other than that Havok really gives me my daily Death Metal injection! Thank you, Havok!
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Havok - Apathy Esplanade (ep, 2008)
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