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 Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis (CD, 2005)

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PostSubject: Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis (CD, 2005)   Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:05 pm

Why do we love Blood Red Throne? Because they make an album like this! The album isn't only fast, raw and ruthless (just like I want it), but you just can not help not to love the cover. I've always thought that the cover is a big deal since it's the first impression you get off a record.

My favorite songs on the record is by far 'Eye-licker' and 'Arterial Lust'. The song 'Mephitication' feels kind of boring by now becuase of all the free various artist promo-cds it's on, before the album came out to the stores.

But the album as a whole is without a doubt extemly appreciated and deeply recommend. And if not for the music, buy it for the cover.


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Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis (CD, 2005)
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